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Do you need a campaign film for an upcoming project? Blonde’s professionals help you create a unique campaign film that lifts your brand to new heights.

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What is a campaign film?

Your brand needs to reach your target audience - and campaign films are a crucial part of this. Campaign films are an effective tool when it comes to influencing people's attitudes and actions. The campaign film makes it possible to clarify your communication and support your message with strong cinematic techniques.

When it comes to online marketing, campaign films and videos do far better than images and text. It strengthens brand awareness and helps generate leads. Campaign movies are therefore in many ways an essential part of successful marketing.

Your message or purpose with the film is the heart of the campaign film. But the cinematographic framework and means are the body. And no matter how hard your heart pumps you will not get far without a healthy body.

Therefore, it is essential for your campaign film that the technical and cinematic details play out. With several years of experience in the industry, Blonde´s production company can give you sparring and help that your campaign deserves.

How do you make a campaign film?

A campaign film first and foremost requires these 3 elements:

The right equipment: Your story can be quite good. But without the right equipment to shoot the campaign film, your message risks disappearing in the noise of the visual expression. In collaboration with Blonde, you get access to the industry's best equipment for shooting campaign films.

The good story: The strong message, the good story and the right presentation are crucial to reach the target audience. Blonde helps you determine how best to tell the story so that it presents your primary visions in the best way.

Emotions and thoughts: The benefit of campaign movies is their ability to make people feel and think in a way that images and text cannot. Blonde helps you combine the visual, the narrative, the dynamic and the sonic. In this way, we strengthen your message and activate the recipient's feelings and thoughts.

Lift your brand with professional marketing across formats. At Blonde, we are not only experts in the production of campaign films. We are a creative production company with a wide range of creative competencies just waiting to lift your stories. In addition to campaign films, our services include:

With Blonde as a production company, you can strengthen your brand through visual marketing across the various channels.

Want to hear more about how a partnership with Blonde can lift your brand? You are always welcome to book a free creative session with us. That way we can get to know your brand and your vision better. We spar and brainstorm, and together we develop the perfect idea for your visual marketing.

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