Stills, or photos, are frozen still images of a motive. Photos of high quality, however, are not necessarily easy to take. Besides the motive, the photographer also has to consider the exposure of light, angle, composition etc.

A beautiful image is, in other words, created with a lot of thought and the camera equipment plays a massive role. With our help at Blonde you have the opportunity to take your brand to new heights with beautiful and professional pictures for your company.

Make your brand an eye-catcher with stills

Blonde offers to produce stills and photos in all kinds of formats for your company. Commercials, photographs, portraits, packshots, and photos of products. Stills and photos will help your company stand out from the competitors and create more attention to your brand from your target audience and customers. Our skilled and professional photographers help you to choose and produce the right product for your brand!

Stills, photo and portraits

Does your company need professional portraits of your employees for your website? Or are you a one-man-army who needs some high quality and aesthetic portraits of yourself taken by a professional photographer who has an eye for the light, angle and expression?

At Blonde, our professional photographers are here to help your company with portrait photos of your employees. The images on your website are your company’s public face. As a result, it is very important that the stills and photos on your website are of high quality and fits your brand and what you want to express.

Besides portraits we also offer to take stills and photos from events, the office, more targeted portraits etc. Pictures you can use for your company’s website and social media channels.

Packshots and product images

Is your company interested or in need of packshots and product images for e-commerce? It is important to have well produced product images when you sell products on your website. The more appealing and professional the products look, the easier they are to sell.

At Blonde, we are experts in producing packshots and product images which ensures your products look the best way possible. It is important that the right details get highlighted and that the expression fits your brand. Product images are much more than just an image of a product. Everything from light, background, setup, model, and storytelling are important elements for the final impression of your product.


Are you interested in attracting attention to your brand? Commercials offer many opportunities to communicate your brand values. Maybe you explicitly want to tell a story, convey a message, or complex information? Whether you are more interested in a commercial in which the target audience has to be interpretive and analytical, or maybe a commercial that creates a lot of emotional engagement, we at Blonde are here to help you.

Our skilled photographers at Blonde know what sells and what works. We care a lot for aesthetic and simplicity and think it is exciting to challenge the traditional way of doing commercials. Our goal is always to create commercials that people remember, recognize, and that evokes a lot of emotions. It can be a still, photo, or video that conveys more than just a specific product and its qualities, location etc. The commercial should always tell a story.

It is important for us that we catch the essence of your brand or company in the picture. In the end it is your company’s public face we illustrate and therefore the image has to be spot on. Blonde has cooperated with brands such as Stine Goya, Bang and Olufsen, DR, Summerbird and many, many more. You can watch many of our productions, stills, and photos on our Instagram page.

Give life to your brand with stills and photo

Some photos you just can not get out of your head again. And what is the trick to this, you might ask yourself? It’s hugely because the photographer has captured the exact right moment, with the exact right atmosphere and nailing the light and colours to perfection. Skilled photographers make us feel something, both uncomfortable and pleasant feelings. Maybe you become dreamy and get a nice sensation in the body while looking at a specific still or photo or maybe it is thought-provoking and leaves you with the urge to act. When it comes to brand value the most important aspect is that the recipient or viewer who looks at the photo feels something. Would it not be fantastic to catch your target group with a still or photo like that? You raise your chances of success many times over by having a strong visual identity - either through stills and photo or video.

Why is it a good idea to choose professional stills and photos for your brand?

If you wish for your brand to reflect professionalism, it is important that your stills and photos are of high quality. Our professional photographers at Blonde have experience with noticing the right angles, light, and colours in an image. They have a lot of experience with creating the right atmosphere and mood in a photo. There is basically nothing that is impossible at Blonde, and we are open to all of your ideas and thoughts in terms of how you would like your still or image to look like. At Blonde we work professionally and dedicated, always with our client’s wishes and dreams in mind.


Are you interested in your own photoshoot where you get the opportunity to get a session with a skilled photographer and get a lot of beautiful images taken? Maybe you are your own brand and would like to possess a lot of great photos of you as a person for your own website or social media channels? Or maybe you need a lot of professional pictures of your products?

At Blonde we have top professional photographers hired, both in-house and as freelancers. They will do anything to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera at the photoshoot and always have your wishes in mind. In the end, you are the person who knows best what works and benefits your brand the most. On our Instagram page you can see a lot of our former photoshoots, both stills and video and draw inspiration from them.

Who is Blonde?

We are a production company and multimedia agency located in Copenhagen, Denmark. We specialize in branding and storytelling through stills, photography, film, social media, graphic design, and much more.

Our team consists of visionary, creative, and passionate young people who always strive to reflect the Scandinavian spirit in all our productions. We have people hired in-house and as freelancers. With points of orientation such as minimalism and simplicity our productions are characterized with a sense of immediacy which creates room for storytelling and feelings. Adam Holm is one of the co-founders of Blonde and you can read more about him in an article in the Danish newspaper Berlingske. If you're more curious about the team behind Blonde, you can also read an article in Børsen about the top-management and Blonde’s innovative strategies.

Book a creative session with us

We are here to help you and your brand reach the stars. We offer a creative session for free where we meet and brainstorm together about your brand. After our meeting we’ll send you an offer of what we think will benefit your brand the most and how we can help you going forward. It is a great advantage if you think about the following questions before our meeting to save your precious time and make the session as constructive as possible;

  • What are your thoughts about stills and photos? What do you want the message to be for your brand?
  • Who is your target audience? Who are we communicating to?
  • What are your goals with stills and photos?
  • What are your thoughts concerning the visual identity? (If you have a hard time finding answers, don't worry, that is what we are here for)

Fill out the form and we'll be in touch. We look forward to getting to know you!

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