Läs mer om och undersök vårt projekt tillsammans med Reduced för att stärka varumärkets vision. Kampanjen var att fastställa deras varumärkesidentitet

We did Logotype, logomark, typography, colors, packaging design & website.

The REDUCED logotype marks the name of the brand in the simplicity of just that; REDUCED. A bold, strong face of the brand, but simple for the sake of letting the product speak for itself. The REDUCED icon abstractly illustrates the top view of a boiling pot, with grains of history and ingredients. The curves also portray the use of upcycled ingredients of the products. The typeface Almarena is playful, but kept simple to deliver the very strong but simple message of REDUCED. The Colors represent the playfulness of the brand, and are made in strong shades linked to each product. The brand color is red and is used together with a light grey and an off black color. The layout determines how to present the brand in its own universe in an easily recognisable way. The packaging is made with impactful colors and a strong facing. Made to stand out on the shelves, and stand out on the kitchen counter.

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