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Your brand has to stand out from the crowd. And with Blonde, you can develop a unique visual identity that shows exactly who you are and what you stand for.

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What is a visual identity?

Your visual identity is your face outward. It's the visual identity that creates your company's branding; it shows the personality of your brand and enables your customers, visitors, and business partners to recognize your business. The visual identity thus separates your brand from the crowd - and it is the one that makes sure that your brand and your messages are remembered.

Visual identity - or ‘graphic identity’ - covers the visual characteristics of your business. A well-crafted graphic identity that is consistent across your platforms gives a good first impression and instills confidence in your stakeholders. And in that way, you create an overall picture of a brand that stands for quality and credibility.

The right branding and graphic identity strengthens both your company's sales and reputation. And with Blonde, you can achieve just the personal branding that sets your business apart from the crowd.

What is part of a visual identity?

Your brand identity is created through visual design. Therefore, when you develop a visual identity in collaboration with Blonde, it is about ensuring that all the elements that are part of your brand identity play together.

Overall, a visual identity includes your brands:

  • Company logo
  • Typography and colors
  • Photos and illustrations

When we develop your brand's graphic identity, we also develop a visual design guide. This guide gives you a guideline for how your business implements and maintains the visual identity across your platforms.

The design guide contains everything from rules for the use of logo and typography to guidelines for the brand's color palette, photo concepts, and illustrative style. In this way, we guarantee that your visual communication remains complete, recognizable, and in line with your vision.

Create a strong identity with Blonde

Have you just started your business, and is your graphic identity still evolving? Or does your business need rebranding? Blonde's professional team is ready to help you with your visual identity and branding.

Blonde is a creative agency for the new generation. Our young, ambitious in-house team has extensive experience with, among other things:

We work hard to set new standards for quality and content in the visual industry. When you work with us, you are therefore guaranteed consistent visual design with your company's DNA, purpose, and style in focus.

Your brand's exterior must match your vision. Therefore, you can always book a free creative session with our team before making the final decision to create a new visual identity with us.

That way, we get to know you and your business. You get concrete ideas on how to best tell your story, and you get new perspectives on how to lift your brand to new heights.

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