A visual identity is the brand’s or business’ public face - and is therefore crucial for your positioning. Through colours, fonts, style of images, logos, and illustrations you express to people who you are. Your visual identity is your DNA expressed visually - and it is very important to consider in a world where people very quickly decode, scan, and recognize things.

At Blonde, we help you create a strong and streamlined visual identity for your brand or business so your message truly resonates with your target audience.

There's many ways to a clear visual identity

A strong visual identity comes to life in many ways. We are ready to help you whether it is through:

  • Artworks
  • Social media posts
  • Brand books
  • Brand identities
  • Logo-designs
  • Magazines
  • Web design

Blonde is responsible for the process from A-Z all the way. We will catch the essence of your brand and the right visual look through your visions and thoughts.

Graphic and digital design

Graphic and digital design is important in a world that is becoming more and more visual and digital. At Blonde we create everything from logo design to web design - always with a starting point in your brand and business.

Different areas of graphic design:

  • Signs
  • Posters
  • Apps
  • Websites
  • Business cards
  • Logo

Motion Graphics

Video and animation brings life and movement to your brand, literally speaking. Motion Graphics is animated video and can, for example, give your static logo dynamic movements. At Blonde we can help you convey a complicated message through animation. We have the possibility of making a big setup through generating ideas, frame, storytelling, and digital design to create the best solution for your brand. And we can also help you with more simple tasks such as giving your logo life through movement.

Blonde can help you with these features listed:

  • Digital design (user experience, logo design, product development, creative sessions, campaign sites etc.)
  • Animation (video animation to convey a simple message, for example an instruction video. No limits for storytelling.)
  • Motion design (2D and 3D animations with sound and voice overs to be used for 360 degrees film, commercials, marketing, branding videos. Effective for conveying a message loud and clear.)

Web design

Does your company need a new web design? There are a lot of good reasons for investing in a professionally made web page. With a special designed website you gain a professional and strong visual expression of your brand. Blonde offers tailored solutions for web designs so the result fits your wishes for your visual identity.

Advantages of web design are:

  • Better user experience (it is important that the users easily can navigate on your web pages so they do not suddenly bounce. In our work we make sure your website is well structured and that all the important information is easy to access)
  • More inquiries from customers or your target audience (the more focus on user behaviour, the higher converting rates)
  • Smartphone optimization (most people browse and make purchases on their smartphones so it is important that your web page is optimized for smartphones)

How can a visual identity benefit my brand?

Your brand has a story - and we would like to help you tell that story in a visual way. We believe that it is crucial to have a chance to convey your message and catch people's attention in a proper way.

When your visual identity is built on a strong foundation and is clear in its way of communicating, you have done your brand and company a big favour. A visual identity is eye-catching and engages your target audience. We always make an effort to create unique visual identities which stand out from the crowd and your competitors. Our goal is to make new standards for your business so it will grow and develop.

How can motion graphic designers at Blonde help you?

Blonde helps you find what shape of graphic or motion graphic you need for your exact brand. We look at how we can best possibly help you catch your target audience's attention with the tools we have. It can be through images, icons, the right colours, or fonts. In the end it is all about knowledge and theory which is put into practice. And therefore also about location, digitally or physically.

A skilled motion graphic designer manages to catch people’s attention when the competition is at its highest. There can be many reasons for wanting to catch the attention of your target audience. A very obvious and typical reason is that you want to increase your sales. Another reason might be to raise people’s awareness on how to avoid injuries at work, which might be done through the creation of an intricate and beautifully designed graph showcasing injuries at work, and how to avoid them.

Unique design - graphic design

You want to stand out from your competitors - and it is our job to help you do that. We make a virtue out of making your graphical identity very unique and clear so it benefits your brand. There is no reason to cut corners when it comes to creating a strong visual identity.


At Blonde we have worked with several different clients. B&O to Playstation to singer Christopher to Samsoe Samsoe etc. Your imagination is the limit, and anything is possible working with us. Check out our cases and let yourself be inspired.

Who is Blonde?

We are a production company and multimedia agency with a location in Copenhagen in Denmark. We are specialized in branding and storytelling through stills, photography, film, social media, graphic design, creative sessions, and much more.

Our team consists of visionary, creative, and passionate young people who always strive to reflect the Scandinavian spirit in all our productions. We have people hired in-house and as freelancers. With points of orientation such as minimalism and simplicity our productions are characterized with a sense of immediacy which creates room for storytelling and feelings. Adam Holm one of the co-founders of Blonde and you can read more about him in an article in the Danish newspaper Berlingske. If you are more curious about the team behind Blonde then you can also read an article in Børsen about the top-management and Blond’s innovative strategies.

Book a creative session with us

At Blonde we are always ready to help you develop and optimize your brand or business with unique visual storytelling through either graphic design, web design, video, or motion graphics. Are you curious about how we can help your brand, then book a creative session where we meet and brainstorm together. After our meeting we’ll send you an offer of what we think will benefit your brand the most and how we can help you going forward.

It is a great advantage if you think about the following questions before our meeting. In that way we save your precious time and make the session as constructive as possible.

  • What are your thoughts about visual identity? What do you want the message to be for your brand?
  • Who is your target audience? Who are we communicating to?
  • What are your goals with creating a strong visual identity?

Fill out the form and we will have a great, constructive, and creative conversation about the possibilities for your brand in terms of creating a strong visual identity and what we can offer you. We look forward to getting to know you!

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