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Do you need a professional commercial? With Blonde’s creative team, you can create exactly the commercial that best suits your target audience - and with your brand and message in focus.

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Make an impression with powerful commercials and videos

Commercials and videos play a vital role in the success of your business. Advertising is often the first impression your potential customers get of your products and services. That is why you must advertise your products and services in just the right way.

A strong commercial is a way to sell. But commercials and videos are also about more than selling. In today's competitive market, it is rarely enough to offer a good product or service that your customers and visitors want to invest in.

A good commercial separates you and your brand from the competition. Commercials are therefore about telling the unique story behind your product. And it's about connecting with the audience through narrative, aesthetics, storytelling methods, and sound.

Together, these elements create a strong commercial and a lasting impression on the audience's consciousness. That's why Blonde offers commercials and videos tailored to tell your exact story. Create creative commercials and videos with Blonde. The presentation of your products and services is crucial to how your audience perceives your brand. When you get your commercial produced at Blonde, you are therefore guaranteed production with your brand in focus.

Our professional in-house team is expert in organizing production according to your specific vision. In this way, we present your products and services in the best way - and together we tell a story that your audience will remember.

In addition to the production of commercials, Blonde offers, among other things:

Video productions Film productions Campaign films

In collaboration with Blonde, you can strengthen your brand's marketing with video production across the different genres of video. That way, you can tell the story of your brand and reach your target audience on all channels. You get the opportunity to work with your vision and ambition most strongly - and you speak directly to the new generation.

How much do commercials and videos cost?

Blonde produces commercials for your unique desires. The product must reflect your vision and your brand. Therefore, the price of producing a commercial always depends on your visions and ambitions, as well as what you want to get out of the production.

Many factors can affect the final price of having commercials produced at Blonde. For example, should you use trained actors for the commercial, this will play into the overall price. You also need to consider what and how many effects to use in advertising. That's why we always offer a free creative session before you book us to produce your commercial.

During a creative session, we get to know you and your brand better. We thoroughly understand the purpose and DNA of your company. And together we create the perfect narrative for your commercial.

It gives you much more than just an offer on production: You get fresh and professional eyes on your brand and your visual marketing. And you get inspiration on how the right narrative can lift your brand to new heights.

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