Video production is planning and execution of storytelling in moving pictures. A video production consists of three stages: pre-production, production, and post-production. Using videos is one of the best ways to reach far with your brand’s message. Blonde produces many different kinds of videos within lifestyle, tech, and the fashion industry.

Videos are a tool many companies request as film is a very efficient way of branding your company. With a video you can tell your target audience about your company, your services, and your values in an illustrative and captivating way. Often video production is the best way to catch the attention of your target audience.

What does Blonde offer in terms of video production?

Our professional film crew at Blonde will help you with the process of creating the video from A-Z. The only thing we need are your creative thoughts regarding the video.

What we offer in terms of video production:

  • Videos for social media
  • Commercials
  • Product videos
  • Campaign videos
  • Music videos
  • Animation videos

With a video you gain a unique opportunity to illustrate your brand’s visual expression and values. Video is one of the strongest visual instruments when you wish to sell a product or service and convey a message. The reason being that you can activate many of the human senses and in that way create a more complex and compelling story.

The people at Blonde are always working professionally with our video productions. Our starting point is always your vision and thoughts, your target audience and the story of your company.

With videos you stand a better chance of gaining success for your brand and to reach the right audience. We help you with deciding which kind of video production is best for your exact company and brand. At Blonde we are driven by pushing boundaries for traditional video storytelling and making an effort to find the most interesting way to tell your story.

Product video - unique product presentation

If you wish to create more additional sales on a specific product, it is a huge advantage to create an eye-catching video through professionally produced video material. The video can be used for a product presentation for your customers or partners. When you use video to promote a product there are many advantages:

  • You catch and maintain the attention of your audience much easier
  • Research shows that people are more likely to purchase your product after they have seen a video of the product instead of reading about it
  • It is much easier to tell the necessary information involving the product through video
  • The video (if it is well made) gives the best impression of the product

A product video can be used for many things:

  • Generating bigger sales
  • Online meetings
  • Promotion
  • Network meetings

At Blonde we offer you a thorough talk with us about your thoughts and visions and what your product video should look like and express.


A well made commercial for your company can have astronomical returns on investment, so there is no reason to cut corners here. The most obvious way to use your commercial is as a central element of your marketing. A commercial is effective and creates the foundation for all other communication in terms of your campaign. A typical commercial video lasts between 15-60 seconds. Often it consists of a story, or a feeling combined with some information involving a product or service. We are here to help you realize how action speaks louder than words - and hence how to make the best commercial for you.

We create both Danish and International commercials

Blonde offers to produce both Danish and International commercials for you. A good commercial is a story in which you can feel it and remember it for a long time ahead. Commercials have to be felt, not only told, and in that practice we are experts at Blonde.

Campaign video - strengthen your message

Do you wish to strengthen your brand’s message? Then a commercial is the obvious choice for your company. Blonde is a production company that works a lot with visual methods, and we are experts in transforming words and thoughts into feelings through images and music.

Commercials can be shaped in many ways. Do you want the best animation video for your company? We can make that for you. Or maybe you like the idea of a more traditional shaped commercial? We got you covered. Leveraging the wide array of instruments available to us in video production, a commercial can help your company communicate complex and emotional information.

A commercial can be short - or long. It depends on what fits your brand, the message, the target audience etc. If you create the perfect commercial it is the most effective instrument in your campaign.

Why choose professional video production?

A clear message and the visual expression in your video is crucial if you want your brand to succeed. If you want your brand to appear professional, it is important that your film production is of high quality. Not only through the visuals, but also the storytelling and sound. At Blonde we can help you with this. We only work with highly skilled people who have knowledge and experience in film- and video production, both in the development process and the execution.

Commercial, campaign video, music video etc - what should I choose?

At Blonde, we always focus on making our video productions as original as possible while always having the target audience and brand values in mind. That is important whether it is a commercial, a music video, product video, or campaign video we are producing for you.

You can see all our video productions at our website and get inspired by those. You also have the opportunity to check out some of the videos on YouTube. See for example the music video with TopGunn or read about how we work with our film productions in Soundvenue.

Who is Blonde?

We are a production company and multimedia agency with a location in Copenhagen in Denmark. We are specialized in branding and storytelling through stills, photography, film production, social media, graphic design, creative sessions, and much more.

Our team consists of visionary, creative, and passionate young people who always strive to reflect the Scandinavian spirit in all our productions. We have people hired in-house and as freelancers. With points of orientation such as minimalism and simplicity our productions are characterized with a sense of immediacy which creates room for storytelling and feelings. Adam Holm one of the co-founders of Blonde and you can read more about him in an article in the Danish newspaper Berlingske. If you are more curious about the team behind Blonde then you can also read an article in Børsen about the top-management and Blonde’s innovative strategies.

Book a creative session with us

Request a creative session for free where we can sit down and generate ideas and brainstorm about possibilities for your brand at our office in Copenhagen. Afterwards we’ll send you an offer of what we think will benefit your brand the most and how we can help you going forward. It is a great advantage if you think about the following questions before our meeting. In that way we save your precious time and make the session as constructive as possible.

  • What are your thoughts about video production? What do you want the message to be for your brand?
  • Who is your target audience? Who are we communicating to?
  • What are your goals with video production?
  • What are your thoughts concerning the visual identity and expression in your video? (If you have troubles finding answers, it is fine, that is what we are here for)
  • What style and genre have you imagined for your video production?

Fill out the form and we will have a great, constructive, and creative conversation about the many possibilities for your brand in terms of video production and what we can offer you. We look forward to getting to know you!

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