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Your portrait photos show who you and your brand are. And with Blonde as your portrait photographer, you are guaranteed portraits that show just your company’s unique personality.

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What is a portrait?

A portrait is a picture of a person - but at the same time, it is more than just a picture. To look at a portrait is to meet the person in the picture. A portrait photo is therefore often the first impression that new visitors, customers, and partners get from you, your brand, and your company. Portraits connect the brand with the people behind it. The portrait photos you use on your website and your social media have a huge impact on how your brand and your business are perceived. That's why it's important that your portraits radiate professionalism, authenticity, and personality - and Blonde can help you with that.

Portraits with your brand at the center

Your brand has its own face, and your portraits should reflect that. The portraits must be able to be used as 'advertising' for your company, and it is important that you, your customers, and your employees be able to recognize your brand in the pictures. That is why we offer, among other things:

  • Personal portraits
  • Leader portraits
  • Employee portraits
  • Portraits from events

It is very individual how a brand's face is best expressed in the portrait - and what mood you want to capture. That's why Blonde always puts your brand and your business at the center.

When you choose Blonde as your portrait photographer, our collaboration with creative sparring begins. We talk together before you or your employees stand in front of the lens, so we get closer to your vision and understand how we can best bring out your brand's unique expression in the portraits.

Portrait photographer in Copenhagen

Blonde is your professional portrait photographer in Copenhagen. Our creative and passionate in-house team works ambitiously with visual marketing. With our expertise, your brand can reach the new generation through photography, film production, graphic design, and much more. In addition to portraits, we are experts in, among other things:

When you work with us, it's about more than just giving your business a great visual appearance. It's about diving into the core of your business and seeing it from all perspectives - from roots and DNA to purposes and ambitions. And it's about telling your story in exactly the way that best serves your brand and your business.

That's why we offer a free creative session so that together we can develop the perfect idea for your particular brand. And when the portraits or other visual material needs to be created, we are happy to come out to your company or another location you want.

That way, you are guaranteed a finished result in line with your brand, your company, and your personal vision.

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