Video production

Do you need professional video production? With Blondes creative team you can create videos of the highest quality - with your brand and message as the focus.

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Highlight your message and visual expression with a video produktion

The video gives more than just moving pictures on a screen. The right video production gives you the opportunity to illustrate your values, your visual expression and your message. In short a video production is storytelling in living pictures.

Video is at the same time an essential tool that you can use to connect with your audience. Video productions establish a special kind of authority that other formats can not. And they help give you international reach that you would not otherwise have access to.

It demands more than just the right gear, to create a video production that captures your audience. The video has to convey your vision and tell your brand's unique story in a professional, authentic way. And that requires an understanding of the aesthetic experience and strong visual communication skills. That is why Blonde offers professional video production with just your brand, your message and your visual expression in focus.

Creative video production in Copenhagen and the rest of the country

Your video production has to reflect your brand's unique expression. When you produce a video at Blonde, you are guaranteed a video production that is tailored to your brand and vision. In the production of shorter videos, we have great expertise in music videos in particular.

Besides production of music videos we also offer:

Our skilled in-house team is based in Copenhagen, but of course shoots all over the country - and the whole world, if you wish. That way, you are guaranteed a video production that has your visions in focus and lives up to your ambitions.

What does a video production Cost?

Blonde does not offer two identical video productions. Your vision for your video is unique, and the finished product should reflect that. Therefore, the price of a video production depends on the scope of the project.

For example, should you use actors, special equipment, special locations, special effects and the like? These factors all play a role in the overall cost of the video production. That is why you are always welcome to book a creative session with us before choosing Blonde as your production company.

When you book a creative session with Blonde, you get the opportunity to spar with us about your visions and desires for the video productions. We get to know you and your brand, and in this way we create the best creative framework for a strong collaboration. And together we brainstorm and develop the perfect idea for your video production.

So you go from your creative session with more than just an offer of video production.You get creative input from our professional team and ideas for your visual marketing. And you get new perspectives on how you can strengthen and lift your brand with video.

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