Need professional photos for your business? Blonde is your creative photographer in Copenhagen. Together we can create a strong and ambitious expression for your brand.

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Creative photographer in Copenhagen

Your brand is more than a name on a business card. There is vision behind your business and your customers need to be able to see it. That's why Blonde offers professional and creative photography for your brand. We specialize in:

We are a creative agency and production company in Copenhagen that helps companies reach the new generation. In collaboration with our skilled and passionate photographers, you ensure that your brand's visual expression reflects your unique vision for the company.

Professional photos exactly where you want them

Your business is its own. And when it comes to how your photos should be taken, you have your own preferences, needs and ideas. We are ready to accommodate them. wherever you want.

Blonde's photographers in Copenhagen are happy to come out to your company or to a location you want and take your photos. This way, you are guaranteed that your photos reflect exactly the unique expression of your company. We offer, among other things:

  • Event photos
  • Mood pictures in the workplace
  • Employee portraits

With Blonde behind the camera, you not only secure photos in line with your brand’s identity. You are also guaranteed photography of the highest quality.

Your photos should reflect the business. And with our in-house team of talented photographers, it looks razor sharp. We find the right angles, capture the light right and choose exactly the colors that create the mood you want.

Photographer with your vision in focus

Photography requires more than a smile and the push of a button. Behind the best photos are great thoughts and ideas - and it is those that we help you bring to light.

At Blonde, we offer photography for your company with your specific vision in focus. Your photos play a crucial role in your brand’s external appearance, and they should reflect your company’s DNA, purpose and ambitions. Therefore, you have the opportunity to book a free creative session with us before choosing us as a photographer for your company photos.

With a creative sit-down, we get closer to each other and the core of your brand. Our collaboration puts creativity in free flow, so that together we can develop the best idea for your visual storytelling. And that way, we ensure that your photos are in line with your vision for your business.

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