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Do you need razor-sharp product photos for your webshop? with Blonde you get unique and professional images in the highest quality.

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Product photos strengthen your business

Your product photos show what your brand stands for. Through product photos and packshots, you show the quality of the products you offer. And if you do not have a physical store, the pictures are the only meeting your customers and visitors have with the products before they receive them. Therefore, it is crucial that images present your products in the best way.

It requires more than just the right equipment to take professional photos of your products. It requires an understanding of how to make the product look its best. Which angles benefit the product best, how to achieve uniform backgrounds and avoid unwanted reflections - and how to create dynamic images of stationary objects.

At the same time, the light,the colors and the sharpness of the images have a great impact on whether the images signal the level of professionalism that your brand must express.

If you own a webshop, good pictures of the products are essential for your image and the success of your business. With Blonde you can strengthen your business through beautiful and professional product images in the highest quality

Get razor-sharp product photos for your webshop

Your products must appear professional and inviting in your webshop. That's why blonde´s creative in-house photographers are ready to help you achieve razor-sharp images that exhibit your products in the best possible way. In addition to product photos, our skilled team has great expertise in, among other things:

Therefore, we understand that your product photos must complement your brand as a whole. We understand all facets of what your webshop needs. And in this way, we ensure that we can provide images of your products that strengthen your business in the best way possible.

How much do product photos cost?

Blonde does not deliver two identical shoots. When you choose us to photograph your products, you get images tailored to the specific aesthetics and needs of your business. Therefore, we determine the price of the photos based on your unique desires for what you want out of your photo session.

The price of product photos can be affected by many different factors - e.g. how many products you want pictures of, whether you want environmental pictures of the product in a natural environment, or whether the products should be exposed with black or white background. At Blonde, you can therefore always book a creative session for free before you agree to have your product photos taken with us.

A creative session allows you to brainstorm with our creative team. We get to know you, your brand and your business so we understand your vision and can deliver exactly the type of images you demand.

At the same time, you get new perspectives on your brand and inspiration for your visual marketing. You therefore leave your session with us with new ideas for how the presentation of your products can lift your business to new heights.

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